• Data-driven Decision Making

    Use real-time data to inform decisions. Set key metrics to determine if programs and services are regularly meeting objectives and analyze the data to gain insights and drive actions that help improve community outcomes.

    Civic tech is not a product. It’s a movement, a mindset, a way of improving weakened civic institutions through an open-source, iterative approach to public policy and efficient government services. In that sense, then, lasting progress cannot be expected to come from a single cool civic app. Lasting, transformative change takes time, collaboration, small victories and getting outside of the command line.

    Practice Data-driven Desicion Making

    We're publishing a set of guides, tools and resources for governments that want to start practicing data-driven desicion making.


    Beyond Transparency: This digital book was produced by Code for America and contains stories of agencies and individuals using data to drive performance and service creation and development


    LocalData: LocalData is a mapping platform that helps cities and communities make data-driven decisions by capturing and visualizing street-level information in real time

    CivicInsight: Simple, clear language and visualizations help residents make sense of complicated processes like code enforcement and building permits. With fewer questions from residents, agency staff have more time to focus on their work.

    Citygram.org - Curious about the construction on your street? How about the new restaurant going in down the block? Want to know when there's a code violation in your area? Introducing Citygram. Citygram is a notification

    Further Reading.

    Read: The Responsive City: Stephen Goldsmith and Susan Crawford aggragated case studies from around the country of how cities are using data to engage their communities more effectivley.

    Read: Resource list from the Data Smart City: Data Smart City Solutions published a list of resources about Stat programs around the country.

    Watch: City Analytics, a Government Web Reporting Kit You Can Set and Forget: Web analytics should produce actionable reporting to better serve citizen needs. Learn about the City of Philadelphia's analytics tool any government can use.

    Read: GDS UK Data Blog: The Government Digital Service in the UK keeps blogs for each of its departments, this is an ongoing chronicle of their Data team.


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